The firmly shady tree

The firmly shady tree
Trunk with broken barks,
Leafy branches sways
With long slender green pods
No fragrance of flowers
No single birds' sounds.
But firmly the shady tree
Stands aside to the hospital entrance

While, Taxies, autos and KSRTC buses
Ambulances stops
The gush of people
meets here with pains
In rain or hot shine
in the shade of “the cassia tree”
helping hands of god seen
Humanity still alive
Sharing the bowl of porridge,
Hopes for better Medicare.

What happens on the floors?
The tree can see all wards
the doctors and nurses
on their toes in rounds
Infant to old in tubes,
those feeding painkillers.
Have several days of severe pain
Patients find soothe.
Restless bystanders
With aching hearts.

“The brutal Oncogenes
Made “Burning pain "and “cries”
Cruel fate in the planet
Carcinogens clouded.
Long queue in each ward
Long queue in labs
some are seen in streets
Out of stock medicines,
Out of working machines
in an emergency sprint to miles.
Biopsies, therapies, and autopsies.

The day of healing arrives
Ray of hopes for sufferers.
In the shade of the tree,
little buds may smile,
little birds might sing.
“Heart of the tree while weeps
in deep serene"...
The regional cancer center.


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The firmly shady tree

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