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Happy Birthday, With Love

There was a rhythm to her walk.
There was a melody to her talk.
She was sunshine in the darkest storms.
Her smile was contagious and warm.
 Days and Weeks move fast, the sweet child
has grown at last.
She still had a sunshine quality that blessed her ways.
Looks like sunshine will warmly stay.
I see the light in her eyes and feel the warmth as years fly by.
Young or old her warmth remained in winter's cold.
On this day I honor her memory, I know her light lives
In our hearts, she instilled her warmth that never parts.
With all our Love that reaches out to you above.
Happy Birthday, we remember your essence so gentle and kind.
We cherish your memory that remains behind.
Happy Birthday.
(Dedicated To my Aunt Elizabeth, on this Sun shining day of winter's warmth and light.)



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Happy Birthday With Love