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When The Pale Horse Rides

When the silent cries injustice rise.
A mournful wave will flow from painful eyes.
When imprisoned flesh walks with no disguise.
Certain mercy enriches the broken ties.

Look around and know, pestilence and war must go.
As Sons and daughters of the age,  we rewrite history's page.
Rice paper of familiar times will pass, as deeds of heroes engage.
Within the caverns, hollow darkness dwells,  where the sinful find the gates of hell.

Ancient wisdom reign has washed away war monger's stain.
The loss has evoked the value of petty gain.  
A sad and broken day appears that echoes in the hall of years.
War and love evoke redundant sorrows in the shallows of lost tomorrows.

Mankind has placed their hearts and minds aside, and end the world in foolish pride.
Pray this is not true, and think the moral through, the end sweeps in revelation's stride.
No safe place for the innocent to hide, our defenders were swept away, by the tide.
War and love takes no worthy sides.
Humanity falls when the pale horse rides.

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When The Pale Horse Rides