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Queen's Gold in the Delta

The scent of lilacs filled the air. Showers of Delta spring release its care.
Moss drapes the trees and Magnolia blooms fill the vase in my room.
Cotton fields begin to germinate as far as the eye can see,
the fields of cotton are now tended by the free.

Not too long ago my life was weak and frail,
My heart was broken in many pieces, I had a life that failed.
The clipper ships of England brought home my one true love.
On this Plantation, we wed to hold one name, and  seal a promise
Man and woman's claim.

Delta Rose was twenty-two Captain James was ten years older.
He was strong and bold and rich with the Queens lost gold.
Was the gold lost or stolen we will wait and see.
Part Two will finish this Delta tale.

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Queen`s Gold in the Delta