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Queen's Gold In The Delta (Part Two)

The Captain and I had our wedding on the docks near the mighty Mississippi,
Spring was nearing Summer, and the Delta's water was on the rise.
As my groom approached me, I could feel my blood race, he was a man of strength and grace.
His deep blue eyes made my temperature rise. 
My arms ached to hold him near, our attraction was clear.
There would be a honeymoon, we would sail to England to take back the Queen's gold.
As the ceremony ended, I bade farewell to family and friends, the plantation was left in my family's tend.
A small skilled crew set our clipper ship to sail;
Once the motion of the ocean calmed I let go of the rail.
England awaits at our arrival, I was interested mainly of my survival. 
Seasickness is hard to shake but I was determined not to break.
Two years on the open seas to there and back,
We returned home with our first son Jack.
I had a honeymoon I won't ever forget.
The life on the plantation is rich and clean, but it's not every day,
You can return gold to a Queen.

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Queen`s Gold in the Delta (Part Two)