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Recovery of Hope

A sad day when leaders of the multitude are a wiseacre.
When the blind can better see, what must be.
Sleuthing the gem in a mountain of greed.
Paying a price if we do not heed.

When light is no longer a value in life, we could forge our own strife.
When warmth sparks the flames of hell, who do we turn to, pray tell?
We must have faith, we must know hope, and stand by with ways to cope.
Yet, we repeat our history over many times in assaults of many kinds.

We can take actions in our journey's before the sum is applied with force.
Be kind, keep an open mind, we may have a lot of good to find.
Try to leave negativity behind.
Recover the peace of living with hope for mankind.

©Allseasonsverse 2019/08/02

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Recovery of Hope