I met a bhoy in Glasgow

I Met A Bhoy in Glasgow Feb 9, 2019
I met a bhoy in Glasgow
He said I am a Celtic bhoy
My home is in the Calton
With many bhoys of green
I'm a Glasgow tim in a sea of green
Glasgow is my home I love my Celtic team
Just love my Celtic bars with my flag of green
Just love the Celtic family, no pictures of the queen
Jinky hangs on by bedroom wall beside him is Jock Stein
My heart is open, I love my team
Celtic are my team my City is green
Songs from my mother country in every Celtic bar
It's been a while since my family left, Ireland's no to far
The Gallowgate is my way of life with Paradise so close to me
Standing proud and singing loud no borders will there be
My heart in Ireland just like the song said
I'll go there someday, that's what the words said
I met a bhoy in Glasgow
He said I'm a Celtic bhoy

Gerrard McGeachy

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