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The Winter Rose

Beside the path where it does lie
This winter beauty caught my eye
And to this I gave great thought
Such a precious gift God had brought.

In the hearth of winter chill
In the cold where all is still
Is where I found a rose so bright
It raised my heart with delight.

With its shiny leaves of green
The brightest colors to be seen
Blossoms of the reddest rose
In silent rest, here reposed.

Soft and velvet to the touch
On thorny branches it does clutch
Warning all who dare come near
To draw the blood, alas I fear.

Within the winter we find weary
Stark and cold and oh so dreary
A sign from heaven what lies ahead
The end of winter we so dread
The reddest rose to be seen
The reddest rose I've ever seen.

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The Winter Rose