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Darkness True (Part Two)

It was a very intense situation the young woman who now sat beside me was shaking and sobbing.
She spoke to me in whispers, " Did you see his hands" she cautiously said.  She looked in my eyes, and 
Forced out some mournful cries.
I headed to the nearest hospital to get her help. She was battered and bruised from what I could see.
I asked her name she just stared into space, her face was pale as her eyes traced.
As I drove to the emergency room door she collapsed on the floor, help came running to assist.
As she came around she tried to resist. She was weak and still in a state of panic, her threshing arms so frantic.
I later spoke to the police hours after our arrival, seems a man from the woods was abducted, by force.
His was massive and strong as a wild ox, his massive fist packed some hard knocks.
A strong rooky brought this man to the ground, he zapped him with his stun gun, the man could no longer run.
He was then shackled at wrist and ankles secured, five murders he was suspected of that horrific night.
A heart-wrenching sight.
Lisa Ann was a sole survivor, her Mother, Father and brothers were victims of Lisa Ann's insane lover.
She tried to break her engagement from him when he went in a rage and fury, she left in a hurry.
Is this a case of truth, yes, it did proceed. The heartless act of a mad man's heinous deeds.
Now he answers for his intolerable crime,  the ultimate sentence ensures his end of all time.

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Darkness True ( Part Two)