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Infinite Years

Gentle rain dust the hillside, silence gently abides.
A winter season cries for rest, in early Spring's warming test.
Year's pass so quickly, I hardly know my reflection.
There is a subtle glance of heartfelt direction.

Living on simple needs, not knowing the demands of greed.
A spirits glimpse soars on mountain peaks when a voice of Angels speaks.
'This is a moment of gold in times so swift and bold.
The light of heaven seeks a redemption we long to keep.

Open up your mind, to a hope for all to find.
The loving hand of our creator is caring and kind.
Let the waters of the rain flow free, and touch the 
The warmth of eternity.

The epic time will hold good earth and seas.
The time of sorrows escapes all tears.
The worried heart relinquishes fears.
The Shepherd's love holds us safe in infinite years.

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Infinite Years