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All of Our Days

I write of hope, heartache, and tears.
I live each day as if it was my last.
Time travels so very fast.
Each moment is lived then fades.
My heart whispers to all sad memories that invade.
In one pitch and toss, I moved through my loss
I hold value and strength from my heavenly Boss.
There are no guarantees, in our gift of life, we must
Take and give in the world we live in.
If by chance I share a glance of tears of trying years.Where ever I go.
It does not define me, yet, it consoles my journies steps of woe.
From the depth of sorrows, I've found the value of the heights of joy.
Up and downs, smiles, and frowns, are mere gems that gifts today and tomorrow.
Moving forward with peace in hours of testing, finding love that is warmly nesting.
So if there is a shadow of tears, know the light of joy will return, finding balance as we learn.
As we pass each other from day to day find the time from work and time to play.
Times to see the sunset and rise, time to open those sleeping eyes.
Knowing life is a gift when you live with its brilliant fleeting disguise.
Which may lift you from pending demise.
May hope come to the days of our lives with loving surprise. 
Stand with the gentle and wise, and know where quality lies.
In many ways, we must try to be thankful for all of our days.

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All of Our Days