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Embrace the Glow

Yearly holiday dresses fit the occasion.
A call, a knock at the door a smile of persuasion.
Hearts and flowers, a box of chocolates, dinner and a movie.
A walk or midnight swim, a room where candles dim.
Life was quick, yet seemed to last, in years that flew on past.
Our Sons and daughter have left the nest, our years ahead will stand the test.
Do we see those years of passion in warm hearts of love in lace and silky fashion?
A life of cupid's arrows still soars from heights above, a goal of lasting love.
The eyes reveal many things, a diamond golden wedding ring, a tune we'd often sing.
On hills of glistening snow all images recall the years of flow.
The flame of love will grow...
Hold the mystery of its power, and let the tapestry of life  embrace the glow.

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Embrace the Glow