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My Hope and Dreams

It was not a star crossed tale that brought the love of life to the Capulet, and Montague.
It was their death that brought the end of their feuding family's actions.
Yes, two who sacrificed their final breath in the warmth of love's attraction.
Rome and Juliet was the tragedy the heart empowered in an unfair fraction.
 So without no desire to snuff out love's fire, I leave this mournful tale, with history's vail.

In the air drifts the sights and sounds of romance. 
The soft toe to heal lovers dance.
Please share your heart with me in time, my true Valentine.
A sigh, a tear of joy in your hazel eyes, breaks the silence of the soul.
A touch of light in the darkest hour will renew the wilted pedal of the flower.
Your hand brings a quiver to its touch, a stroke of the promise I value much.
In the solitude of night, I rise to absorb your precious light.
When the flesh intwines the voice of love sings on fruitful vines, in soft tender wines.
A day, a lifetime of beauty rare sends passion in a surrounding flare.
The hearts of two becomes as one, moonlight bids farewell to dawns rising sun.
Sunshine in the melody of chivalry's display brings life to Valentine's Day.
My Hope my dreams can cast love's array...

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My Hope and Dreams