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This too shall pass away

Be still my heart, I cannot grieve forever,

What was done was done, now let it rest

I shall think of it no more. This pain has

Had its day, its hour has come, let it pass

Like tears through an hourglass telling only

Of their own demise, their own loss, thus

Releasing me from any contract falsely

Inscribed in the name of love on my heart

And claimed by another.


I gave love all I had to give, but love wasn't

Listening, at least not the love I thought I

Knew. Long nights alone with only the moon

For company cast me in a sad and sorry light,

Hurt, anxious, worried and more than a little

Jealous. Nights I would not care to visit again,

Nights when tears readily well up from nowhere,

Sleep becomes a memory, the small hours become

The long hours, seconds become minutes, minutes

Become hours and the air turns cold.


Cold lopsided love, uncertain of what tomorrow

May bring. Portraits of despair, sketched on a

Backcloth of gloom. Fear of loss bringing its

Own demons to life, demons keen to weary the

Imagination journeying to destinations best left

Unvisited but not tonight, for tonight is wholly

Reserved for the narrative of a broken heart.


Broken yes, but not beyond repair, for love can

Never be beyond repair, there is always someone,

Something, able to heal even the most savaged

Heart in the most savaged breast and so it was

With my heart. Looking back I wonder why I

Invested so much in so little. Was I really in

Love? Well, I thought I was ... but when the

Line 'This too shall pass away' entered my head

And stayed there, I knew then that the demons

Of the night had lost their grip.

© Joseph G Dawson
11/02/2019 and earlier


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