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Madow's Love

There is a little house near the meadows grace.
A warm inviting place.
Picket white fence where flowers line the walk. If you listen carefully,
you can hear the voice of nature talk.

Two brothers lived in this house one seemed as gentle as a small field mouse.
The other brother was as big as an ox and wise as a fox.
They lived there together from birth to adulthood, their actions both kind and good.
They were happy and content with their time well spent.

On the other side of the meadow was a small cottage so sweet.
There lived two sisters very meticulously neat.
Hedges lined their walkway flowers grew by their door.
One sister was shapely and tall, the other petite and small.
Both sisters were beauties, wise and kind.

They became engaged to the two brothers and wedded in bliss.
In the meadow under the old willow tree, young lovers kiss.
One bride and groom returned to the small house,
A beautiful petite sister with her loving gentle small mister.

The big brother married the shapely sister, went home to the cottage
In a loving fashion, and lived their lives in the depth of passion.
"Once upon a time, " Lived two families on each side of the meadow's stead.
Yes, they lived, "Happily ever after, " as their story is read.
Love fills the meadows for many generations for now and the future ahead.

(You might say the meadow's love is what life is made of.;  Blessed by our Maker above)

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Meadow`s Love