Transformation in the Making - Contemporary Poetry by Deidre Washington

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Equality for Love

Equality leaks from this closed obscure box called America.
Sticky and undefined. No one wants to determine the equal of equality at any given time.
I am equal yet stared at while my lover and I embrace.
Only giving hugs and pecks on the cheek as love.
Comfort the masses.
Still groned at like some lame leapar.
Gauked at in distain.
But we are equal.
Having to choose a lifestyle when not one truly fits.
Caught up in the mix of straddling the fence.
Wanting to live life through hidden realities.
But again transfixed.
Set on a shelf put in a box.
Once again told my soul is rotten.
Repent and alls forgotten.
Damned to death for the love of my lover.
Then came the day I no longer gave a rats ass about the masses.
Decided I loved myself more.
Loved her more than all the crass comments and fake friendships.
Loved her as my orange moon.
Genuine And True Blue.
We are equal.
Equality in love as any other love.
I'll shout to the world my love for you.
Equality reins through.
Health Benefits Marriage Adoption and more.
Just recently we closed in to score.
Equality Hope Justice

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Equality for Love