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Peaceful Mind

She found a gentle warmth to his ways.
A peaceful hope of happiness with each day.
The dawn of seasons lives in the mix.
Life was no bag of tricks.

She looked back at the years survived
Her life was sunshine and rain; woven
With joy and pain.
She held each day as a treasure.
Each moment stood up to measure.

Her soul came to light one lonely night.
Soft whispers of hope enriched her sight.
Angels wings released her fears and held her through the years.
What peace her soul bestowed, in an angelic glow.

Easy now knowing how to calm the storms of rage
Rising to a moment etched on a golden page.
Sleep a sleep of Sea cast dreams, and bathe in waters pure.
Rise to the gift of love were troubled hearts endure.

Sunshine through the rain, brings rainbows that remain.
The pastel colors claim its art and rest the weary heart.
On shores or hills of piety and strong will the storm has found the still.
The heart, the soul has offered joy of another kind.
The moment bears the gift of a peaceful mind.

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Peaceful Mind