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Gone Missing

There was a silence that was bitter.
Cruelty in the display from the villagers of Dessaray
When Lola May walked their way.
She walks to town but once a day.

She ran a small farm on the outskirts of town.
Worked hard to feed her family, her sons were
Growing fast and strong they worked by their Mothers side.
Each son took a steady stride and tended chores with pride.

The minister of a small church would visit once a week,
He would purchase some fresh eggs and rich dairy cream
to help his family grow.
Lola May would pray with him she was close to Gods love.
In fields of wheat or grazing herds, she felt the grace in God's word.

One day when Lola May was in the post office the usual silence
Was thrown in her direction she ignored the petty deeds she paid
No heed.
Never finding time for gossip or act of cruel intentions. In silence
She walked away within her heart grew great dismay.

One day came around and Lola May was not seen in town.
A week passes by, Lola May has gone missing.
Her sons were sick with grief all searching with no relief.
What they find may be viewed in disbelief.

(This true event concludes in part two of Gone Missing.)

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Gone Missing