Tattoos in Mayberry

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I learned to lie from the very best
of the best, my Dad
who worked it 16 hours a day and
in his sleep.
breaking down our resistance
with penetrating brown eyes
Saying our life would be easier, if we kept
 life simple, Stupid... .
When daddy came home from work or play.
to see his children, Bunny Lynn and Buddy Bee
He'd sit us down
and hunch up his shoulders
on the dinner table his fingers would splay.
Don't do as I do oh no 
don't work it like that
you'd be best to just
do as I say.
Daddy swung the door wide open for
both of us to cheat, lie, and steal  our way through life,
with little remorse.
I wonder some days if and how
Bunny lies or steals
to unwind..
Has she gone off course
and lost her way
Not aware of her
end or her beginning,
cheating on those
she loves the most
with her body and her mind.
Signing away her soul on the dotted line.
While standing rock steady,
squandering time.
I'm now a friend to myself
A partner to me.
Are you really a partner to you,
Bunny Blue
Or is someone doing you damage
by turning the screw.
Do you have the lens to see
your forest from your trees.
Have you been veering from the source.
Sailing your ships off course.
Forged from tempered steel
at Cain's potters wheel
mixed with blood red earthen clay.
As our father before us
Do you keep your life simple, stupid.
doing as you do.
not as you say.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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Don`t Do As I Do