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Sand and Foam

I walked across the Valley to rest on a rock by the sea.
This rock could hold twenty more like me.
Some say it was a Mermaids rock that warmed the hearts of cold.
The rock glistened and sparkled like precious gold.
The sea spoke of many joys and strife, and many kinds of life.
I would gaze for hours as dolphins played, and watch albatross stray.
The mist of waters was sweet release in this cove of abstinent grief.
I entertained the thought of mermaids as a mystical belief.
It was my fondest wish to sit upon my rock and watch the fish, to hear the song 
Of a Merman tall and be at peace in verse so long.
Two years of daily trips, to the tropical cove not one sign of the mysterious 
Creatures could I identify.
Would I ever capture a glimpse with my inquisitive eyes?
One late day as twilight appears, I felt a soft touch caress my fingers.
I hear a soft song insist I linger.
I looked behind, stood a Merman kind he stood with a trident in his grasps.
The stronghold upon the rock did not falter or lapse.
A dance of waves in the cove of Neptune's braves.
This was not quite a dream not a quite reality, In the early moonlight by the sea.
Epic songs of tempest past rang out in waves of the sea's mighty blast.
Civilization in the sea blessed my perplexed eyes, I viewed a Merman free.
The rock of Neptune placed in Mediterranean Blue cove where sea life dove.
A Myth crystalizes and greets my searching eyes.
If I never see his face again I'll clearly cherish the song of the kind Merman strong.
I walked back to my village home, I  leave behind my dreams that drift upon the sand and foam.

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