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A Bit of Kindness

Many years have passed since my Mother taught her children well.
She was an example of kindness each day.  She was my first teacher
My thoughts and prayers, still gently reach her.
She always told me to be kind is to know kindness and demonstrate its worth.
Be a comfort to your friends and family and kind to this good earth.
There are many things in life to bring us down to this I know the truth,
My mother's smile was warm and welcoming I remember clearly she
Was the light in my youth.
Give a little kindness and watch it grow, the light within is bound to show.
A helping hand, a gentle act of care, or just being there in times of grief.
The hope and love will find us peace and bring sorrows some relief.
It wasn't always what she said it is how my Mother lived.
I saw her light glow day or night and prospered from her warm heart that also taught me to forgive.
I will cherish her in ways that I have grown and thank the Good Lord for her kindness so warmly shown...
Yes, a bit of kindness my Life has known.

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A Bit of Kindness