Tattoos in Mayberry

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I ought to kick you hard in your money.
It might do you alot of good.
A corner kick like no one else has yet
kicked you in your option number 2
I tried talking with you but nothing I've said
seems to filter through.
It's time somebody kicked the gold dust outta you, honey.
Everyone in town has already taken a crack.
I think I'll take a whack too.
With a three point kick
and an extra point to boot..
I think I'll front kick you like 
a massive heart attack..
A drop kick to get your attention. 
I see no other way to
stamp my best impression  on you.
and sharing with you my favorite out of the places.
transforming all our champagne wishes into truth.
I'd take you on an extended tropical sabattical.
The attaction would be chemical 
as well as mathematical.
Dining on more than cheese food and bologne
Fond memories to last us
when we're in the old folks home
Besides, what do our headaches now matter.
Poorer relations are busy plotting
to squander your scatter.
Let's get busy
slurping up all their fun with a spoon.
We can rent the brightest stars
put on lay-away the rarest moons.
We wouldn't need to pay doctors
to tell us we're ill
With all of your money,
we'll pop, long life
elixers and energy pills.
So, just stand still
and I'll scissor kick the fools gold out of you.
It could only do both of us  good.
So, give me the signal
ready, set, go.
and I'll two stroke your hole
in your high yield portfolio.
We'll get out of the rough
and onto the golden fairway.
Buddy Bee Anthony

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The Golden Fairway.