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Dr.  Mehta and the micu.

There is no doubt

when Dr. Mehta is about.

My heart will be given all kinds of care,

I know that is why I here.

Being check on,

to see what is wrong.

Mat, Mike and Robert and all the others keep an eye on me,

A better group will ever be hard to find, to see.

With God guiding them,

I know I am not out on a limb.

All I have to do,

is not to be blue.

I know it will be no dream,

to be in the hands of hands dr. Mehta and his team.

I won't have to worry,

For they won't be in a hurry.

Yes, here at the v.a. anytime,

They work to ease your mind.

They do their best,

To show they are the best.

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Dr. Mehta and the micu.

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