Tattoos in Mayberry

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What color is your tribe.
Within the colors of empire.
Walking the path with those of your creed.
Ushering you into protective custody.
So, you learn the color of your tribe.
The colors you're compelled to wear.
To get to your destination.
The shade of color taking you there.
It's your tribe's color.
It might be a hazardous
buck wild
parachute ride.
The colors of empire
The color of your tribe.
Engraved in reddish pink
Brown or black,
Or a mix of sky with navy blue
Most any varied shade or hue.
You might be destined to be a paper hanger
cruisin' for a ruddy  red rose.
Or a head bangin'
fang banger
with a rummy red nose.
Best find some jigger in your jive.
Now you're comin' alive.
With a glint of flint
to spark your edenist,
hedonist pilot light.
What splash of the rainbow do you imbibe.
What color is your empire.
What color is your tribe.

Buddy Bee Anthony

all rights reserved as is by author.

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The Colors Of Empires