Tattoos in Mayberry

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When the court room
of my life has adjourned.
The judges chambers
have emptied.
The gavel is swung not in my favor
Sentence is passed down
The preacher gives my last blessing.
 before his executioner  bears down
on my neck with a cleaved axe.
I'll request my remains get tossed
on a slippery log heading out to sea.
Where I might find a new home.
Drifting along with the tides of
the evergreen oceans
Duty bound to the coral and shoal.
Paying my debts
on crimes your law claims are past due.
I'll be more food for your fishbowl.
Cast off
from your parched dry sea bed Serengetti.
May it be known
this pirate didn't maroon
in misery on
your island of doom
Holding, tightly,
instead, in my defiant clenched, fists
an unsettled peace.
Here's my dark tribute
a four gun salute to
 those  stamped
no good,
who burnt up  from promise
all the
My brethren of assassins, cut throats ,and thieves.
Doing whatever was needed to avoid
taking the mark of the beast.
If all I'm destined to  be 
is more food for your fishbowl.
I'd rather die
as food for the fish.
Than sail on your swift boat.
eating your sushi rolls.
Many, much greater than I
have withstood the painful honor
of being  shredded to chum
by your ravenous schools of fish.

All rights reserved as is
Buddy Bee Anthony

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Food For Your Fishbowl.