Tattoos in Mayberry

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Lord, I'm callin' in my markers
If I have one left or two.
I have this dream I keep fallin'
I dream a creep keeps followin' me.
I've startled awake at night
holding tight to the tail
of a mobyous whale of blue.
I dream I'm a race car driver
I dream I'm the sole survivor
Just missin' the retaining wall
goin' one hundred and eighty two.
Rescue me
fore I'm crestfallen
Can't you hear my nature callin'
Without you, I'd be haulin' .
nothin but these small town Bay Street blues.
So, hold me tight in your midnight shadow.
Kiss me hard under neon rainbows.
Is this a delicious dream awakened
or some pernicious strain of flu.
Since, I can't breathe underwater
Nor find lips that kiss me hotter
If I'm not awake
lead me a dreamy trail of bread crumbs
 home to you.
You're why I'm callin' in my markers
If I have a favor left or two.
I'd be there to share
the crack of lightening and crash of thunder
of my Bay Street dreams of you.
I dream I can breathe underwater
It's a dream of a love that's hotter
than my race car revving up
going one hundred and eighty-two.
I'd be haunted and crestfallen
If you didn't feel my nature callin
I'd sink all the way down to the bottom
of the deep wide ocean blue.
If you ever dream you're the sole survivor
Dream me onto your ocean liner
So, we can hold on tight to the tail of
this mobyous whale of blue.
My dreams keep running wild
in your fragrant, warm spring waters.
With your kisses hotter than my cigarette
burnin cool compared to you.
So, won't you fire up my pistons
So my boat arm won't be listin'
If not for you and your soul kissin'
I'd surely be just one more schmuck
stuck in the muck
of these small town Bay Street blues.

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Baystreet Blues