Tattoos in Mayberry

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Your kids I won't coddle
Because I'm not a role model
That's what Johnny West would say..
A bold street troubadour
bleeding songs at your back door.
That's Johnny 'The Outlaw' West.
He wouldn't walk
he'd run from the ones
with their played out fun.
Laying low allowing their bullets
to fly over his head.
He'd steer clear of the clean and safe
road crew
assigned to mop up his
 blood, guts and spit.

Singing his freedom song all day and night long
until the cops stamped a bullet with his name on it
When his Sun  goes down
and folks say Johnny
did them wrong
and they get authorization to plant him
in some road side ditch.
No matter how the dirt goes down
The law will take its fleshy pound.
There's never a shortage
of defendants or litigants.
Still very few would agree Johnny West
was just another lyin' cheatin' double dealin'
dirty rotten Son of a bit** ....
No, not the legend Johnny West
Who said this life was a test
His guitar strummed the best.
Drawing crooked lines in the sand
He was his own kind of man
Johnny 'The Outlaw' West.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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Johnny `The Outlaw` West