Jesus Christ, please release me.

Dear beloved Lord and savor, Jesus Christ,
I humbly praise you for my free gift of everlasting life.
And for never forsaking me in my turbulent times of internal strife.
For cleansing my spirit and soul from deep within.
I thank you from deliverance from habitual sin.

Many sins I have failed to forsake and forget.
Often I did not feel remorseful and yet.
Causing my inner most being lack of contentment and
failing to utilize enough restraint.

Lack of satisfaction causing me too often to complain.
Guilty of letting the satanic enemy of my soul free reign.
Satan is the mortal and deadly enemy of all of mankind.
Most certainly I do not claim him as any friend of mine!

Jesus Christ, please release me and set me free.
Thank you for never taking your holy spirit from me.
Granting the freedom to become the best younger
senior woman, you have always meant me to be!

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 54/ October Country
February 24, 2019

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Jesus Christ, please release me.