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Hill Like a Mountain

Little Billy loved his skies.
He skied down the hill with ease.
From sunup to sundown his skies carried him around.
He joined the junior Olympics in town.
People gathered from all around.
Billy's family cheered him when the race went down.
The biggest hill almost a mountain flowed with junior skiers
Like a water fountain.
The first one to master the hill, Billy enjoyed the thrill.
Now the weather took a turn for the worse.
His skies carried him off course. 
Wind and snow was a dangerous force.
Billy's savvy was a lifesaving source.
There would be no trophies this day, a bunch of skiers was down in dismay.
He found some missing contenders and pointed the way.
Billy and his opponents were grateful to just walk away.
Billy and all contenders would live to face another gameplay.
Yes, that hill was like a mountain that day.

Allseasonsverse 2019/25/02
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Hill like a Mountain