Tattoos in Mayberry

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I wish to put your fires out with my gentle rain.
I wish those streaks of lightening wouldn't spark your fires again.
I wish to be your armor shielding you from any pain.
I wish to do all I'm here to do.
I wish this wish amen.
I wish to be what comforts you
when you cry and get inflamed
about how the one you gave your
heart to skipped town and didn't explain.
I wish to douse your fires
with my gentle Autumn rain.
This wish I wish from me to you
I wish this wish
I wish all horses I laid money on
would finish win, place or show
Anyone who's anybody
I would surely know
If for an hour
I possessed this world
I'd spin it just for you
All clear blue skies
for your green eyes
I wish this wish
 be true.
A princess with her troubadour
A duchess and her steed
If I could rule the earth but once
I'd tilt to toward you every need
A haven of flesh, bone
and fairy dust
with fondest dreams of you.
I wish this wish for no one else
I wish this wish from me to you.
Your moonlit eyes.
Soft,sweet surprise
To feel your heartbeat next to mine
is my most solemn prayer
I've looked for you in many faces
I've searched for you most everywhere
I pray our young hearts beat as one 
ever strong vibrant, and true
To live our life
as man and wife
I wish this wish
for me and you..

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A Wish