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Poet's Flight

Clouds enhance charcoal skies.
The storm approaches bringing a night cast day.
The hail strikes the land and chills the core of winter's hand.
The rhythm of this force strikes with archangelic force.
Twelfth century reflects the scene, in the air so crisp and clean.
A plague of morality becomes a bitter reality.
Lay down your armor cast the sword in waters deep.
Awake the sleepers to north winds leap.
The storm is nonselective and lies in historie's collective.
Waging in the day, walking in the night.
Peace lingers in the squalling fight.
A shadow's wail as tempest fades into the light.
A solace regains its sight.
Rise to the Earth's beckoning heights,
when storms perform in unheedful might.
Storm Warriors of the Poet's flight...

Allseasonsverse 2019/26/02
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Poet`s Flight