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Eye's of Art

How lazy the sun appears, resting in snow clouds cushions.
I awake at first light, well rested from my dream that filled the night.
Morning cup of coffee is my warm delight.
Many choices of books on the shelf for a leisure read. 
A book of verse of nature's seed.
I skim through the pages to find my start, finding a verse of a broken heart.
Time has brought some dismay in sorrows of a shattered heart's display.
Moving forward, I find a verse of war and peace, a verse of surrender, and release.
The voice of joy speaks loud, the tears of centuries wrapped in its shroud.
There came a wave across my mind,  soothing thoughts that echo loud.
Within a moment's flair, I gather golden sights of loving care.
I seal the images within and face my day as the hour rises to begin.
Life is more than pages of love and loss of written sages.
The closing of each book of happenings or fantasy of many stages
Revealing youth or needed truth, the volumes of ancient earth.
The act of moving forward rewards all worth.
Living each day is the author's actual test.
Knowing when the mind and heart must rest.
Looking into the eye's of art and viewing each end as a new start.

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Eye`s Of Art