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Stuck On Stupid

When daddy comes home
Do you turn off the phone.
Do you see what you see
when the sizzle hit's the rack
Do his affections provide you
with much that you lack?
Are you swinging for the fences,
or do you give up,and give in.
when the deck is stacked.
Do you shake and shiver
freeze solid in the cold,
Complaining how you're not the one.
Or does your face glow in Summer
As you soak up the Sun.
Do you quit before you win.
cut your cards thin.
When you roll the dice
if your numbers come in.
Do you walk away a winner
or roll those dice again.
Are you a lady at dinner
but,a tigress in bed.
If you bring the circus
does he bring the bread

while on a hunt
do you move quick as you slither
like a bull snake in the grass
Or spin around in circles til
you're plumb outta gas
Could your curse be your cure
Your holy grail at last.
What else could any love sick fool do
But,discover who's stuck on stupid on you.

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Stuck On Stupid