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Love's Sweet Wine

I know that you are still with me I still see the light of your smile.
Although you have been gone for a long while.
Yet, it seems like yesterday.
My heart  still fells your essence in a gentle loving way.
There are times I miss you and wish for your company,
but I can't be selfish, your soul is free in a realm so heavenly.
I watch the season's carry on knowing they will remain the same.
Someday the season's will stop for me when God calls my name.
If you wait for me high above, and somewhat far, my soul will 
Unite upon our star in the silence of my goal.
To touch the twilight and hold it in our hands, could be the speechless 
Love both of us always did understand.
So when I part from this good earth, we will meet again 
As our souls join their worth, when life will close and spirits sing.
Until that time; when we unite in the endless fields of Spring.
A warmth of heaven seasoned well, on the doorstep of the divine
We'll tip the chalice of love's sweet wine when our glow warmly intwines.

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Love`s Sweet Wine