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A Cabin Home

Come see this Fawn standing near the mirror-like pond.
Beside her mother, she stands brave, a pure moment my mind will save.
Beyond is a cabin quaint, a home my heart acquaints.
Threads of golden rays seep through the woods on clear inviting days.
There is a quality in this secluded reality.
A natural place that shines in God's good grace.
This was my first appearance when birth gave me life's first embrace.
In time my children came in this home near nature's fame.
Beyond this cabin's door, four generations have walked its floors.
Time has value and quality that sparked a childlike frivolity.
Aged with tears and laughter a home then and now and hereafter.
A home blessed with love and time, a place where tunes of the soul softly chimes.
A bit of freedom in trying times.

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A Cabin Home