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Deep Blue

Life was carefree and spontaneous in a small town by the sea.
Fishing was the heart of their trade, where a good living was made.
Anna Marie was the wife of Captain Salvator they had the hearts to explore.
The blue waters of the Mediterranean feed them well.
These waters cast an interesting spell.
One day off the white sand beach the westbound boat was ready to flee.
Captain Salvator and beautiful Anna Marie.
The two drugged their nets for calamari until they become soaking wet.
A fine catch for this couple by the sea.
Captain Salvator decided to take Anna Marie for a sail, perhaps to see the majestic whales.
Faraway in the water's deep the sky grew dark and the wind did creep.
Soon the waters jumped and swirled, the boat began to spin.
A typhoon appeared and the boat was swallowed in the deep.
Into a watery sleep.
No sight of the couple that night.
As fate would have it they washed-up on shore.
They thanked the good Lord forevermore.
This is one Tragedy that passed them by, escaping the typhoon's hold.
Surviving the Mediterranean's cold.
With many blessings, this couple grows old.
Never again to sail the Mediterranean bold.

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Deep Blue