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Wounds of Earth

Young Earth formed by the Makers hand,  in his universe so grand.
The oceans and seas bringing life in the soft comforting breeze.
Mountains that touch the clouds rising so mighty and proud.
Deserts of sand dunes that warms the sandylands in sun's loom.
Greenfields of wildflowers and trees, home to nature's ease.
When eons take a course,  time reveals a troubling force.
Hacking, burning, the plumage of land and seas, brings sorrows, and disease.
When man changes the face Earth and strips its worth.
Careful now we must care and preserve the world in times unfair.
To bring the quality it is giving and let its beauty go on living.
Heed steadfast to land,  seas, and air and pray our damage will repair.
Old Earth must feel a healing hand if mankind wants to stand.
Healing must be a process shared to close the wounds that we placed there.

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Wounds of Earth