Tattoos in Mayberry

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Ask your shrink
about your diagnosis.
Ask your sponsor
about your drug of choice.
Ask Social Security
why you don't feel more socially secure.
Ask the police detectives
about your case.
Ask the district attorney
about your case.
Ask the newsroom
what their take is on your case.
Ask the judge
why they threw out your case.
Ask your ex-lover
how you caught a case.
Ask your doctor
just in case.
Ask your parents what they were thinking
when they Judeo Christened you
Jude, Chris, Adam
Jonah or Noah.
Ask your pharmacist
why not take more than two at bedtime.
Ask any random person
sitting across from you
on a city bus
what happened to their car?
Ask the FBI to release your file.
Ask your college about your transcript.
Ask your ex's advocate
about your child support payments.
Ask your government about the status of your student loans.
Ask the (N)ational (S)ecurity (A)gency
to stop listening in.
Ask your life insurance company
when are you statistically
most likely to die.
Ask the coroner
what was the official cause of death.
Ask the warden
why death row inmates
 aren't allowed to smoke cigarettes?
Ask your creditors
about your credit history.
Ask your employer
about your urine sample.
Ask your religious leaders
why only one spouse per customer.
Ask,your state representatives
why they don't just legalize everything.
Ask again
in the morning
when it's good for the asking.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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