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Truly Cares

When silence speaks loudly on a cold winter's day.
When the light of the hour fades away.
There will be sorrow, with nothing left to say.
When salt finds its way into the wounds, and pain cries out your name.
When a trusted friend becomes a foe, nothing will ever be the same.
So gather warmth for the moment and know true friendship does not end.
In the shallows of the night, the eyes of the Shepherd weeps with his friend.
Hope and comfort are what this Shepherd sends.
Walk with peace, and stand with care, breathe till solitude robs the air.
The world may turn its back and know our world is not always fair.
In my heart, my love for you will always be there.
Don't allow sorrow to lead you to despair.
A word from someone who truly cares.

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Truly Cares