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Seeds of Love

The walk uphill is so very difficult.
A weight that brings the strongest to a halt.
Lay down the cross and let me carry the load.
You will need some care along the road.
Bring me your pain and sorrow.
I will ease your burden today and tomorrow.
Release the weight to hearts that care.
The love of Christ is everywhere.
Remember the world is worth its weight in gold.
The cross is what a friend will help hold.
Simon of Cyrene held the weight long ago.
The weight of the world lies in Calvary's path.
We stand beside each other in the ancient memory.
In the shadow of sadness of Calvary's aftermath.
Through the countless years, there is no appointed duty.
A friend can help, that is life's beauty.
I will not hesitate, the hour grows late.
Let me help lighten your weight.
We can walk together and face our fate.
To my friend in need, to your anguish, I pray will heed.
Love always will grow from a hope-filled helping seed.

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Seeds of Love