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Welcome to the Heart of Tomorrow

In the heart of tomorrow, lives the cure for dark sorrow.
Do I see a joyful grace in the distant loving face?
Yes, I do, your eyes glow true.
The echoes of today fill the voice of peace of tomorrow.
No simple deed could fill the need.
When they say the world falls to greed.
There is a reluctant, act that searches for an undeniable fact.
To the hope that lives within, my thoughts flow through my pen.
Life is too short to squander in fleeting moments of wonder.
So I offer one thought, perhaps one needs to leave behind a world of greed
Take and give the moments lived, to a friend of the caring heart's need.
Go with joy, and Gods Speed.
The dark sorrows will be gone in the heart of tomorrow.
Joy will defeat our sorrow, and cure the plight of life's hollows.
The breath of love will not ever be shallow.
Welcome my friend to the heart of tomorrow.

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Welcome to the Heart of Tomorrow