Celina Adrian

29,450 poems read


I wanna be where tulips grow
from cold circumstance
where beauty rises from tarred grounds
where not even harsh elements destroy me
I wanna be where warmth grows
regardless of past pain, frozen stuck
where the wind blows
and old soulful trees breathe nearby
where vibrant colors of a more vibrant life
finds a bright way to illuminate a brighter future
where leaves dance amongst
breeze and adventure
I wanna be a fertile seed blossoming
even in an oppressed soil
watching my lover and children grow 
right next to me in our lush garden
full of birds and play
I wanna be endlessly stunning
pleasure to the eyes
and not a fleeting decorative moment
as a monetary centerpiece
I wanna be one of many invisible buds
that are not picked
to wilt
in the confinement
of a lonely