Celina Adrian

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"in that mirror"

we would 
look into our individual mirrors
with glances
full of criticism
over a simple blemish
or a bad hair day

you saw pure perfection
in me,
flaws existing only in my mind
never in your heart

I saw pure perfection
in you,
flaws existing only in your mind
never in my heart

this sacred space
of divinity
the true source of creation
was birthed from our union

when we decided to share a mirror
you reminded me to love myself,
I reminded you to love yourself,

it was devastating when you looked into the glass 
for a final stare - 
looked back at you 

you called yourself a stranger
as it attempted to make you doubt your beauty and your strength - 
but there was a never one day in that fight 
or in that mirror
that you lost your beauty, strength
or yourself

I know

this soul mirror we shared, you and me
will never be a forgotten history
it will never crack or shatter
although admittely,
I have since broken 
a time or two or ten

the battle was fought hard
as we stood side by side
soldiers, together
in that mirror

you were so brave and so fierce
it is sad to have to see the beauty in that pink hearted war
but I see you clearly
colorful, still

when I think of you
as my eternal reflection
those days when I dare attempt
to be hard on every
aspect of my imperfect self
in that mirror, I see you standing there
gently reminding me

[this poem was written for my beautiful wife Teresa, who sadly passed away in 2016 from metastatic breast cancer. For all those in the fight for survival, my heart is with you and I share our mirror]