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Just Begins

Lead on my dearest and let me stand by your side.
Life is about to give this heart a ride.
The timeless passion melts the ice, the sizzling seduction brings sweet entice.
Yet years were laid at my door and more are in store,  now rising to explore.
The tremble in your voice gives me notice to your call, a moment's glimpse of all.
The time remains clean of stain, washed  by years of gentle rain.
A love of flame still speaks your name, when sunkissed days regain.
There is no heavy chain. 
Freedom is not always tame.
"All that glitters is not gold." All that ages are not old, all that is bought is not sold.
The truth rides on the wind waging priceless love that thrives within.
Just when it seems to be over it truly just begins.

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Just Begins