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Spring Will Sing

The hour was restless as the storm rushed in.
The wind was whimsical and wore a wicked grin.
The middle of the day lost light and heat, while 
My shutter shuffled and cried-out " defeat."
Yet, my home was weathering every blow,
My fire cracked below the rambling snow.
Mother nature had a standing ovation, at Father Winter's ending presentation.
Voices of the Gail will moan and wail, and bring the day a greater shade of pale.
In my cottage warm and quaint, I hear the sounds collide.
My day becomes a dangerous stormy ride.
Now people tell your children, to find shelter while Father Winter dances in helter-skelter.
Remember this storm will pass, and eventually bring green grass.
When roses begin to bloom, remember the closing winter's loom.
Side by side Spring and Winter ride, to bring a calm that soon abides.
No need to hide Spring will sing of Winter's pride.

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Spring Will Sing