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The Moment I Never Wanted To End

Christmas was approaching in the year 2016, Everyone of us was excited for gift giving; Then suddenly a heated argument ensued, I screamed on top of my lungs.
I was a bit drunk and was down in the dumps, I still miss my canine pet who passed away a long time ago; My siblings tried to calm me down, Until I felt numb and became unconscious.
I was having a heart attack for the very first time, It was such a near death experience; I remember crying and I could not move, But I was very delighted by what I saw.
My dog was wagging his tail and jumping over me, I hugged him tight he licked my face, We were overjoyed we missed each other so much.
I felt it was real - I didn't like the moment to end, But I suddenly woke up and he was nowhere to be found; That very short encounter with my baby dog, Gives me genuine happiness each time I think about him.

-- Sallie/Toronto/March 13, 2019

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The Moment I Never Wanted To End