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Ode to a Royal Poetess

She walked into the room as a Queen.
Her gown clung to her moist flesh.
Her soft spiral curls lay like a velvet kiss upon the small of her back.
Her eyes sparkled like the starlit sky, she walked the Palace with nobility.
Upon her throne, she ruled alone.
Empires rise and fall, this Queen has answered her call. 
On the mighty wings of her countrymen, she soared above it all.
She seen the Spanish Armada fall.
Last of The House of Tudor, Good Queen Bess, stood in the halls where her duty called.
On English soil, the heart of King dwelled within this Virgin Queen!
Queen Elizabeth 1, Born: September, 7th, 1533, died: March 24th, 1603.
Queen of England and Ireland for Forty-four years, Blood, Sweat, and tears 
This Royal Poetess, lives through endless years.
Born a Princess, died a Queen.
Ode to a royal Poetess in history's gleam.

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Ode to a Royal Poetess