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 Awaiting Hand

There was a stillness that swept across my heart.
I stood quietly by your grave as final words are said and we part.
The soil now cradles the shell of once vibrant heart and hands of life.
The measure of life in our time seem rich its weight tipped the scales.
When we walked the night it was as though our ship cast sails.
Deep waters of the soul connect with a sweet embrace, you gently dried
The tears that streamed down my face. We walked in the silence of 
Slumber's hidden place.
Perhaps your soul took flight to find the hidden meaning of solitude and grace.
I await your essence at the closing of each day in those moments you lift me from dismay.
When my vessel takes leave you lead me to sun-kissed shores.
Yet, we remain connected once more. 
The physical no longer to explore when two spirits join beyond God's peaceful doors.
So in those moments, you stand and leave your imprint of love in footsteps on the sand.
We will unite again when golden whirlwinds reach for your warm awaiting hand.

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Awaiting Hand