The Killer Elephant

The Killer Elephant

The mahout and an elephant

Moves through the lanes….

And earns bread of his life

Holds the pride of a land

Towards temple gently they walk

Theologians praise customs.

In the festival lights,

Music, drums, and triumphs

Many crowded with prayers,

Nearby shops with toys

Colorful balloons holding kids.

Frying nuts in pan sounds

The elephant waves its ears

Shakes its head and tail, majestically walks

The mahout pats its ivory tusk

Then cuts and keep palm leaves in the trunk.

In the spectacular festive days

Around midnight, they merely take rest.

While the damn crackers smash

The gigantic animal trumpeted

In a jolt the mahout crushes

Under the legs splitting the skull

Blood scatters in its tusk

An elephant in chains becomes the killer.

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The Killer Elephant

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