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What's This

Oh, my, what a beautiful day.
I'm out my back door to give the horses some hay.
I'll milk the cow and feed the Pig, but suddenly my cat
was dancing an Irish Jig.
Think I better go back to the house and get some tea.
Was I half asleep hallucinating?
Heavens knows, on a farm, there is no time for procrastination.
About that time a mouse with a miniature flute was leading the way.
So why fight the view, I'll watch for a minute or two.
Oh, what's this, an outdoor Zoo. Raccoons all dressed in green.
Stranger things I have not seen.
A Fox jumped in a box with four leaf clovers.
I shook my head, wondering when this would be over.
Small creatures formed a line and marched out the barn door.
There was a gathering of small creatures galore.
An odd sight, OH but there's more.
Three Leprechauns appear, and the line of small animals started to cheer!
Seems they have made a Saint Patrick Parade.
I walked out of my barn door to witness a beautiful Rainbow.
Yes, my barn sat at its end, with a pot of gold.
The Leprechauns took their gold, it was only theirs to hold. 
Then they faded away.  Sure enough, they left the Blarney Stone, 
And my old dog a bone.
Was this a dream?  When I walked back into the barn I let out a scream.
I heard my brother chatter, on an elaborate matter.
Yes, he did not miss, to give that Blarney Stone a kiss.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, may the Luck of the Irish come your way.
(Think I'll take a break and sleep in the hay.)

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What`s This?